Our Profile

We SS Agencies located in Thirumanagalam - Madurai. We are Manufacture, Exporting & Importing All over India. We have been in the business of, tyre sealant, rim conditioner and tyre balancer business over 20 years, and back all its products fully. We have backed this with R&D using research chemists and outside testing labs and tested all our formulas in 100-psi 212F, chambers to see how they hold up in the tough world of commercial s, and only when they pass there do we bring them to the field. Add real world experience in the field, and we have a solid set of tyre sealants formulations that WORK!

The primary objective is to help our customers to maintain their equipment and keep it operating. We understand that downtime can be extremely expensive. SEALANT is one solution for punctures in all types of Tyres such as Two-Wheelers, Car, Auto, Van, Lorry, Truck, Bus etc., subject to certain conditions.

Our Team

We have backed by a technically sound team that works tirelessly to provide the most appropriate solutions. Our professionals possess the considerable industry experience, and hold expertise in their respective lines of work. With the help of our diligent team members, we have been able to offer solutions to meet the client's individual needs .Our strong position in this highly competitive industry is attributable to the diligent efforts made by the personnel.

Quality Assurance

We are known for our quality and this can be easily understood by the quality tests done by us and the level of defects found in our products. We are a quality conscious firm and pay extreme importance to quality at every step. All our products are tested in order to scrutinize the quality and maintain the standards. We have appointed a team of quality analysts who understand their job and undertake the process with complete dedication and responsibility. Our strict commitment to quality and we never ending R&D process ensures that our customers receive the highest quality tyre sealant at the best price.

Our Expertise

Our in-depth process knowledge as well as services of experienced engineers also helps us in efficiently and effectively handling requirements of our clients. The company has always remained abreast of the latest innovations by acquiring technology from external sources and through in-house innovations.

Who we are

A company of highly motivated agile and happy people that innovate continuously with seamless execution to provide its consumers with useful and helpful products.

  • Our major asset is our people. It is our first and foremost duty to provide satisfactory services to our distributors / dealers and most important our customer.
  • Innovation and technology is the mail cause behind our every product. Our aim is to have an innovative approach in everything we do, launching new products, making improvements and ensure 100% satisfaction at customer level.
  • We believe that in any success 10% is the contribution of an idea but 90% is making the things happen with a consistent approach.
  • We feel proud to make everything possible to understand our consumer and use that knowledge as a unique and relevant mean to touch their life.
  • We are the people known for quality.We never compromise with quality.Quality is the main motive behind our never ending Research and Development.